Hearthstone Gold Guide

How to get more gold in Hearthstone – Fundamental guide for new players

Hearthstone Gold Guide

Hearthstone can be played without spending any real money, but follow a way efficiently to gain gold will cause you to get the cards you want much faster. In this guide, we’ll show you some tips that can improve your efficiency in getting gold. Each day, you will receive 1 new daily mission that will be saved in your missions.

You can have up to 3 daily missions in your file at any time, however you will not be able to receive any new daily mission to complete at least one of them and make room for another mission. Daily missions pay of 40 to 100 gold each, and they may be supplemented in game or in the Arena. You cannot complete daily missions challenge your friends or play against the computer. Once a day, you can replace a daily mission for another random, by clicking the small x in the upper-right corner of the mission, in its missions. Whenever you receive a mission that does not pay 60 or more of gold, you can try to replace it, because there’s a chance of getting missions that pay better.

Win 3 matches Game mode gives you as a reward 10 of gold, in a maximum of 100 gold per day. This feature is exclusive to the Game Mode (whether Casual or Ranked mode), which means you will not receive this gold playing in the Arena, Practice mode, or challenge your friends. The entrance to the Arena cost gold 150 (or £ 4.50). Besides profit, each round in the Arena has guaranteed reward card package 1. Most players in the Arena, gold investing instead of buying packages of cards at the store. This is because, if you are able to win at least a few games in each round of the Arena, you will make your investment worth quite worthwhile (or at least make similar rewards to its spent on entry).

Road to Riches – How to get more gold in Hearthstone without spending real money


In addition, play in the Arena increases your understanding of the strategy and the mechanics of the game. Becoming a good player in the Arena, you’ll be able to get greater value from your investment, on account of the profit made on each round. Below, we show a list of rewards that you should receive, depending on their performance in the Arena. This is a good solution to how to get gold in hearthstone fast because you don’t need to spend any real money to achieve this.

In addition to the rewards listed, you will always receive a pack of cards, and you will always have the chance to win a random letter as a reward (this letter can be of any rarity, including bream). We don’t advise you to cheat or try to exploit the game in any way, even though that is a very valid strategy for fps gamers that like to use powerful aimbots to gain an advantage over their adversaries. Whenever you receive a letter, it will decrease the chance of winning another reward in her place. When we mentioned the combination won gold and Arcane Dust, means that the distribution of 2 is not fixed. For example, if we say that you can receive a combination of gold and 50 Arcane Dust, it could be 50, 50 gold Arcane dust, or any other combination of them as gold 20 and 30 Arcane dust. Note that each victory improves the key used to unlock rewards.

Hearthstone Arena Guide

Arena Guides for Hearthstone with bonus content

Hearthstone Arena Guide

One of the aspects that can make the first innings of the game is to correctly choose a starting hand. Therefore, in this article I will provide everything you may need to decide what we need. To talk about this, we will use the term in English is Mulligan who comes to refer to the choice of cards in our starting hand. As general advice, we always descartaremos cards with greater than 3 cost since we want to go out aggressive henchmen that can beat control decks or to cause the maximum possible damage to the opponent. It may also be important to have a Charter that can silence or cause to cancel some kind of rival Charter, depending on the opponent.

Against a mallet Agro, we should not be so aggressive and we should choose minions or cards that allow us to have control of the table, to have control of the game and not sit back against an early attack by the rival.

Against Agro, look for cards with cause or by enabling us to deal against aggressive henchmen, as well as cards that allow you to clean the table as the opponent will try to get the maximum possible damage. Against a Control deck, look for some henchman cost 3 that is solid and will allow us to defend ourselves, as well as cards that allow us to clean the table to cope against powerful enemies. On other hand minions as the icy seeing Yeti, it is a very solid alternative. If you are in need of some tips for the Hearthstone Arena

you can always find a decent blog to help you out. We will then introduce concepts related to our deck and aspects to take into account ingame, are important aspects that may seem obvious, but in many cases we do not follow them and not allow us to improve.

Becoming an expert Hearthstone Arena Player


To create a harness we must focus on a style of play, a mallet that combines various styles of games is a pretty bad idea. 5No can be sold, or become crazy playing everything that we have in hand. Patience is vital in this game, as well as the reading of the game. That is why in our harness should have 5-10 1-2 mana cards and thus have a chance of playing in the first innings. These letters should be minions can eliminate the first henchmen of the opponent. Lately many exploits have reemerged in some very popular games like counter-strike, where hacks have been able to survive even with the many anti-cheating measures implemented by the servers. Powerful minions of high mana cost is important and we should not forget this, it is important to be able to draw cards, but we should never forget to fight against powerful rival creatures, since we could be heavily exposed to us.

Hearthstone Guide

Hearthstone Strategy Guide for new Players

Hearthstone Guide

Compile a guide all aspects and considerations that we must take into account to succeed in Hearthstone is very complicated, as to have a good level it is necessary to collect experience and above all defeats. We should not worry if at first we lose more games than we win. It is a part of the learning process and we should not worry that we will face at the beginning with more experienced players and probably with more complete or better prepared than our decks. Take advantage of these defeats and learn what we have failed is vital to succeed in this game. One of the first things in which the focus is to efficiently attack, of no use wasting all our cards in our first innings, if then we just have and our success depends on which they steal. We must be very aware of cards that has our harness and go by making combos or summoning minions when it is necessary and not just when we finish them steal.

This is an error that seems logical, but many have committed to begin playing. Therefore, we must always observe what he is doing and what is the best thing we can do to counter its strategy. Health Hero is what just deciding who wins and who loses but we must not be always outstanding health and much less the value of our hero and the rival health dictates who is winning.

This Hearthstone Guide will help you understand the game better


If the opponent has removed us some points of life that does not mean that we are winning, but that your combo has been better, but we should not throw in the towel since surely we can recover and stand up with the victory. On the other hand the experience, as we said at the beginning, is a fundamental aspect and know which cards can count the rival, how many are left of a certain type and the various combos you can do, are aspects that we will only know with many times played. We have been following the instructions contained in this detailed Hearthstone Strategy guide

and were able to get Legend rank in less than one month of playing.

What we should do from the beginning, so it is enjoy this great game and learn little by little without overwhelm us each day, each week are new moves, different decks and we can always improve our game. Play different types of heroes can be positive so we face different situations with different solutions, which will give us a broader vision and our level of play will rise much without realizing. There is a very important factor, not so annoying in Hearthstone as it is with FPS games that are easily hacked like advanced warfare. Finally, one of the most important factors for success is our harness, no doubt make a good deck will give us a great opportunity to get the win, create a good deck is one of the things that most will cost us at first but with experience and seeing the virtues/bug will be able to create high-quality harnesses.